Inspirational Quotes for Photographers

قالوا عن التصوير | كلمات ونصائح عن التصوير والمصورين

These are tips and sayings from photographers and photography experts, who offer them to those who hold the camera and practice the hobby of photography or profession as a profession, a valuable and useful words and conclusions. Inspirational Quotes for Photographers group 1     One of the most important duties …

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best photography (8) High Dynamic Range Imaging HDR

المدى الديناميكي العالي HDR High Dynamic Range Imaging

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) is a technique that integrates a group of images that have been exposed to light differently. The result of the final image is distinct from that of ordinary digital photography. best photography High Dynamic Range Imaging HDR The dynamic range is the difference between the …

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best photography (7) Light painting/light drawing

الرسم بالإضاءة Light Painting

Light painting, or light drawing is a technique of photography that uses long exposure photography and image content is a moving light using a hand-held light source or other sources, and then creating dramatic and artistic forms during the capture time. best photography Light painting/light drawing Light painting, or light …

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best photos (6) light & shade Photography


We continue to present the best photography and the best imaginative ideas in photography. In this article, we present images of light, shadow, reflections, and refractive images of creative paintings by Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita. best photos light & shade Photography The Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita, who lives in New …

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best photography (5) Macro photography

تصوير الماكرو Macro | أنواع التصوير شرح بالصور

We continue the series of best photography and display the types of photography and models of each type, and the following images are macro photography, where the lens is enlarged to photograph the small objects and show them clearly and clearly, and clearly reveal to the world of small objects. …

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best photography (4) The most famous portraits

نماذج من فن التصوير الفوتوغرافي (4) من أشهر صور البورتريه

Portrait photography is a branch of the art of photography, which is special for the portrayal of characters, requires the skills of communication between the photographer and who is photographed, until the picture emerges expressing the story or feelings, and these models of portraits of some of the most famous …

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best photography (3) freezing motion photography

تصوير الحركة | أنواع التصوير شرح بالصور (3)

In this collection of photography we review models of freezing motion photography. When the exposure time is prolonged in the camera, the resulting final image is actually composed of several built-in snapshots, showing the effects of motion in the final image, which requires a holder to ensure that the mike …

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