Download CCleaner to improve computer and mobile performance

سي كلينر CCleaner

CCleaner is a great tool used to improve performance in Windows, Macintosh and Android systems. CCleaner has three versions, the first CCleaner-Free Version, the second CCleaner -Professional, a copy that carries the benefits of periodic updates and includes privacy protection functions, and the third CCleaner Professional Plus, has more functionality …

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principles of graphic design

أساسيات ومبادئ التصميم الجرافيكي الفني

The principles and foundations of graphic design are the distinguishing between designer and non-designer. The comprehension of the principles of design is scientifically and practically the right place for every novice in the field of design, after the knowledge of the design elements, and many of these principles are discretionary …

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The Art of Photography

فن التصوير

This page includes photography lessons with camera and mobile, and includes models of the art and types of photography, in addition to the articles of excellence in the art of photography. The Art of Photography (1) The General Basics of Correct Photography The first chapter of the art of photography, …

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Elements of graphic design

عناصر التصميم الجرافيكي

ach graphic design consists of a set of elements, and design often does not deviate from these elements, each element has functions and effects that have an impact on the eye and the soul, graphic design elements includes lines, shapes, colors, textures, spaces and text. Non-specialists can distinguish between good …

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best photography (7) Light painting/light drawing

الرسم بالإضاءة Light Painting

Light painting, or light drawing is a technique of photography that uses long exposure photography and image content is a moving light using a hand-held light source or other sources, and then creating dramatic and artistic forms during the capture time. Light painting, or light drawing is used for scientific …

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