principles of graphic design

أساسيات ومبادئ التصميم الجرافيكي الفني

The principles and foundations of graphic design are the distinguishing between designer and non-designer. The comprehension of the principles of design is scientifically and practically the right place for every novice in the field of design, after the knowledge of the design elements, and many of these principles are discretionary …

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Inspirational Quotes for Photographers

قالوا عن التصوير | كلمات ونصائح عن التصوير والمصورين

These are tips and sayings from photographers and photography experts, who offer them to those who hold the camera and practice the hobby of photography or profession as a profession, a valuable and useful words and conclusions. Inspirational Quotes for Photographers group 1     One of the most important duties …

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Download CCleaner to improve computer and mobile performance

تحميل برنامج سي كلينر CCleaner

Download CCleaner to improve computer and mobile performance, CCleaner is a great tool used to improve performance in Windows, Macintosh and Android systems. Download CCleaner to improve computer and mobile performance CCleaner has three versions: the first CCleaner-Free Version. the second CCleaner -Professional, a copy that carries the benefits of …

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Sony Vegas effects| 30 : 31 | Compositing mode

Compositing mode

In these two lessons of the Sony Sony Vegas editing course, we complete the series of tutorials, the compositing mode, and how to add the 3D effect of the 3D video. compositing mode and 3D effect شاهدالمقالة باللغة الإنجليزية Lessin 30 |compositing mode | 3D effect The Sony Vegas Pro program …

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23 : 26 | titles and text in Sony Vegas pro

text in sony vegas pro

In this Sony Vegas Pro course, we explain titles and text in Sony Vegas pro, how to format it, and generator effects, including Noise Texture, Checkerboard, color effects and ProType Titler. Titles and Text in Sony Vegas pro شاهد المقالة باللغة العربية Lesson 23 | How to add text in sony …

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