Animation tutorials |Moho/anime studio| Lesson 121: 130

This Moho / Anime studio animation tutorial series includes how to draw and animate props and components of life, including drawing the tree with automatic animate of its leaves, drawing and animating the 3D house, drawing and animating the fish and floating it, drawing and animating the curtain, drawing and animating the fire, draw and animate the flowing water, draw and shape the flower, draw and animate the Umbrella and draw a three-dimensional chair and draw a bird and animate it.

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T 121. Draw and animate a tree

This animation course explains how to draw a thick-leaf tree that moves automatically through Moho 12 or Anime Studio, with the ability to easily change tree shape, as well as control paper density and motion.

The steps include drawing a tree alarm with some leaves, then recording an automatic animate of the leaves, and then inserting the layer into a particle layer.

 T 122. Draw a three-dimensional house

In this workshop of Moho / Anime Studio animation course, we explain the steps of draw a three-dimensional house with the possibility to control its rotation, lighting and opening the door, and then design a group of houses in a regular or random order.

Work Steps:

  1. Draw the front of the house
  2. Draw the sides of the house
  3. Draw the roof of the house in the form of a three-dimensional triangle
  4. Group the layers of the house within the Group layer
  5. Insert smart bones

T 123. Drawing and floating fish

In this project of animation course Moho / Anime studio, we explain how to draw and animate a fish with the possibility to modify the shape and color, and then design a group of fish in different shapes and colors and animate  them on a regular or random.

In this lesson we draw a fish in one layer and coloring it with the addition of the internal shadow effects and the animation of the automatic movement to open and close the mouth and move the eye, and then create a layer of bones and withdraw inside the fish layer and create a bone structure and link drawing a flexible link and points, We add dynamic motion to the bones.

T 124. Draw and animate curtain

In this project of animation course Moho / Anime studio we explain how to draw a curtain and animtae it dynamically with the possibility of opening and closing in different ways and modify the color and shape.

T 125. Draw and animate fire and smoke

In this project of Moho / Anime Studio animation tutorial we explain how to draw and move the fire and add flying flames from them as well as drawing units of smoke rising.

T 126. Draw and animate flowing water

In this lesson of Moho / Anime studio animation course, we will explain several applications to design flowing water, applying it in the form of water out of the tap, water hose, intermittent water flow design from the fountain, And applying a design to create a flowing and crispy three-dimensional waterfall.

T 127. Drawing and shaping flowers

In this project we are exposed to the method of drawing flower and remodeling using the action, in which the flower is drawn and the use of a dynamic system to work with automatic vibration with movement, in addition to the smart operating system, which works the function of reshaping the flower as desired.

T 128. draw and animate the Umbrella

In this project we deal with drawing and animating the umbrella or the solar system and how to open, close and rotate using smart bones and the design of auxiliary action to facilitate movement easily in the scenes of animation.

T 129. Draw 3D chair

In this project explain how to draw a chair using the 3D tools within Moho / Anime Studio In the lesson we show how to draw a set of chairs around a table and other examples.

T 130. drawing and animating bird

In this project we explain how to draw a bird using simple drawing tools within Moho / anime Studio. In the lesson we show how flapping wings of the bird.

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