Download CCleaner to improve computer and mobile performance

Download CCleaner to improve computer and mobile performance, CCleaner is a great tool used to improve performance in Windows, Macintosh and Android systems.

Download CCleaner to improve computer

and mobile performance

CCleaner has three versions:

the first CCleaner-Free Version.

the second CCleaner -Professional, a copy that carries the benefits of periodic updates and includes privacy protection functions.

the third CCleaner Professional Plus, has more functionality than the second version, such as the file recovery function and the hard disk defragmentation function, which is also free.

The CCleaner program is highly efficient and has a significant impact on your PC or Mobile.

The process of cleaning and deleting unnecessary files and data helps improve the efficiency of your device.

When you open the program on your computer in Windows,

the program window will appear with a list of the components of the Windows system that you can clean, activate what you want to clean.

a list of all applications installed on the computer Which contains unused files such as History, CCleaner can check the registry and fix it.

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CCleaner can also erase the contents of the hard drive, the possibility of blurring the blank space,

or blurring the entire disk, in which CCleaner overwrites the blanks to erase the traces of deleted files and can not recover them.

The CCleaner has three levels of writing and bluring, the first level the advanced upper writing (3 assists),

the second level the complex upper writing (7 assists) and the third level the highly complex upper writing (35 pass).

Piriform is one of the world’s most famous companies in the Windows and Mac PC cleaning programs.

It was released by CCleaner for Android, scans the Recycle Bin files, retrieves storage space, tracks the system, and browses safely.

Experts recommend that CCleaner be downloaded and run on PC and Mobile.

It provides a good working environment, repairs corrupted registry files, removes unnecessary Internet files,

cleans up browser history, deletes cookies, cleans the entire system from work traces, protects user privacy, Saved passwords on your computer.

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