Sony Vegas effects| 30 : 31 | Compositing mode

In these two lessons of the Sony Sony Vegas editing course, we complete the series of tutorials, the compositing mode, and how to add the 3D effect of the 3D video.

compositing mode and 3D effect

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Lessin 30 |compositing mode | 3D effect

The Sony Vegas Pro program lets you work in a 3D environment, moving your video track on a z-axis.

To convert the track to the 3D, click on the Track Motion, and from the installation menu we choose 3D Source Alpha, showing the 3D settings and controls.

From the Layout menu, we define the Track view, which allows you to see Track from all directions.

Tracks can be scaled by clicking on one of the corners and dragging inside or out.

To move the track we click inside the rectangle with the drag, and move the mouse horizontally or vertically.

To rotate horizontally, stand on the horizontal axis x and pull with the mouse, rotate vertically on the vertical axis y and pull with the mouse, and rotate the tracks around the line of depth stand on the axis z circle and pull with the mouse.

Adjustments can also be made accurately using numeric values ​​from the Task part left of the window:

x For horizontal movement.
y for vertical stirring.
z for in-depth stirring.
Volume, rotation and displacement can also be controlled.

Lesson 31 | Compositing mode

Compositing mode is a system for mixing the contents of the current track with the bottom contours, depending on the color, lighting and transparency levels of each track.

Compositing mode include:

Source Alpha

Add style.


Multiply (Mask)





Hard Light






Difference Squared

The default setting in the list is Source Alpha, which shows the current track in its colors and natural light without Compositing.

In the Add mode, the current Track colors are added to the lower grids, especially in the composite combinations, resulting in the combination of colors in each pixel and the appearance of light colors that tend to glow.

The Subtract subtracts the current color values ​​of the current tracers from the bottom-bottom color values ​​and produces new colors in the common area.
In the Multiply (Mask) mode, dark colors are combined into the bottom and become a mask. This is the transparent part as a black color, and the current turck content appears as a mask for the bottom.

In the Cut style, it cuts the current tracers from the bottom track, showing the top trailing content as a shadow only for all colors.

In the Screen mode, the light merges, combining the light colors of the current track on the bottom track, which is the opposite of the previous pattern multiply.

In the case of the Overlay mode, there is a wide contrast between light and dark colors. This mode is a combination of both the multiply and screen modes.

In Hard Light, the sharp light adds clear colors to the current tracers with a sharpness in the effect and is similar to the intensity of the intense and concentrated spotlight. The transparent part is considered a black color.

Dodge is a color gamut, combining the light colors of the current track on the lower track with increased brightness and lighting.

When you choose the Burn mode, the color burn will darken the background colors according to the colors of the current color.

Darken is any darker color, in which it chooses the darker color of each track and considers it the final color.

In Lighten mode, the lightest color, the lighter color is chosen from each track and is considered the final color.

In the Difference mode, any color difference, subtracting the dark color from the light color in each pixel produces a new color.

The last pattern is the difference squared, which subtracts the dark from the light and then hits the output in itself, resulting in increased darkening of the video.

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