Moho/Anime studio animation course 1:10

This is the first set of Moho / Anime studio animation course, where you will find the introduction and an overview of the components and features of Moho / Anime studio pro, explain the interface and adjust the settings of the animation movie.

We also explain drawing tools, freehand tool, blob brush tool, how to draw and animate with the scatter brush tool, and explain point animation, the advanced Draw Script software, as well as learning coloring and composition tools, growing and shrinking border work, and the curve profile within Moho / Anime studio.

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Lesson (1) Introduction and overview

Moho / Anime studio is an integrated system to create 2D animation, one of the major animation programs. Moho software features a variety of drawing and animation methods, Frame-by-frame, modifies points, lines or advanced motion using bones.

Moho / Anime studio program provides a 3D environment and the ability to move inside and outside this environment and the formation of three-dimensional shapes. Moho / Anime studio program allows to synchronize the sound with the lips. Moho / Anime studio program can create an environment that mimics nature with its physical characteristics of the strength of gravity and momentum and the strength of reaction and vibration.

Lesson (2) interface and movie settings

This lesson on Moho / Anime Studio explains interface, which consists of 5 main panels: workspace, tools, style, timeline, layers.

Lesson (3) drawing tools and shapes tools

In this lesson from Moho / Anime Studio animation course, we explains draw tools which using draw and edit vector artwork.

In this lesson, we are exposed to drawing tools, shapes, points, bending, how to move, rotate, scale and delete these drawings.

Lesson (4) Freehand tool and blob brush tool

The Freehand and Blob Brush are two tools in the Moho / Anime studio animation program. They are used to make advanced and complicated drawings, to make closed shapes and to paint them in a fast way. The Freehand tool draws borders while the Blob Brush draws borders and a closed fill area.

Lesson (5) scatter brush

In this lesson from the Moho / Anime Studio animation course, we discuss the Scatter Brush, which allows to splash shapes into the workspace. Moho / Anime Studio has multiple shapes with the ability to control the randomness, size, rotation and color of the brush.

Lesson (6) Moving points types

In this lesson from the Moho / Anime Studio animation course, we explains point move types. Moving points is one of the unique and simple ways to move a cartoon.

The moving points methods include moving with magnetic attraction, tilt motion, panning and rotation, 3D rotation simulation, free movement, scaling and rotation, as well as random movement.

Lesson (7) Draw Script

In this lesson from the Moho / Anime Studio animation course, we have advanced drawing software. Moho / Anime Studio provides scrawls to help with drawing scripts, including the effect of animated sketches on project content, the ability to draw complex geometric shapes, Equal to help develop fees.

Lesson (8) Fill & stroke Tools

Moho / anime studio distinguishes between the first non-color scheme and the shape that accepts the coloration of its area and boundaries. The scheme has no color and does not appear in the final film. The shape is formed from the initial lines and is colored both in its interior In its outer limits appear in the final film.

Lesson 9: stroke Exposure

In this lesson from Moho / Anime Studio Animation Course, we discuss the growing and shrinking boundaries. Moho / Anime Studio provides the ability to control borders, resize and hide some of them and achieve gradual growth or decrease.

Lesson 10: Curve profile

In this lesson from the Moho / Anime Studio animation course we take the curve profile, the Curve Profile file is a file containing a graphical unit that is repeated on the border of shapes.

This unit is required to be in the same layer and the beginning and end of the graphic on one horizontal line, and the shape should be open, and the direction of application of the unit is determined according to the direction of the beginning of the drawing and also the direction of the beginning of the figure drawing.

In this free series, we offer lessons and explanations on how animation films work with animation software, including animation gif picture. The series aims to gain the best animation skills.

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