Sony Vegas effects| 13 : 17 | pinch punch, Rays, lens flare, starburst

In these lessons we will complete the Vegas Pro video and audio editing course, Sony Vegas effects, where we will discuss how to add pinch punch effect, wave and swirl effects, rays effect, light spots, and mirrors effects.

Sony Vegas effects

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Lesson 13 | pinch punch effect

The pinch punch filter is similar to the concave and convex lens.

the spherize filter does a region wrap around the image and can control the settings.

This lesson deals with how the Punch Bunch works, which is a funny and comic effect.

It can magnify a part of the image or a character and reduce other parts of the image.

The effect views the fun house mirror effect, which displays concave mirrors and convex and distort the image of the characters standing in front of them and look funny and sarcastic.

The spherize filter is an additional option for the effect of pelleting,

with settings slightly similar to the previous filter, in which the image can also be worked and control the values ​​of the pellet settings.

Lesson 14 |wave and swirl effects

The swirl filter rotates the layer around the center point, while the rotation angle and direction of the rotation can be controlled.

wave filter gives the appearance of the ripple in the shape of the wavy pockets, controlling the wavelength and width of the wave.

each setting of these settings has a stopwatch button which is used to record the movement during the passage of time on the timeline.

Lesson 15 | Rayes and spots effects part 1

In this lesson, which is followed by the editing course at Vegas Pro, we cover a range of effects of rays and light spots, including:

light rays, rays, glint, starburst, lens flare, bump map, min and max.

These filters give the effects of light rays with control of the color of light, amount of sensitivity, intensity,

its position and add a mask to control its spread, as well as the amount of smoothness,blending and purity or the appearance,

it allows control of the amount of length of radiation, Left, spread area and extended rays.

The effects of luminance give the effects of flash and shine to luminous places, controlling the intensity and spread of light horizontally and vertically,

controlling light color and degree of saturation, and the number of lines emanating from the rays.

Lesson 16 | Rayes and spots effects part 2

this lesson include how to work lens flare effects, when reflected on it, controlling the color and position of the light, the type of lens that determines the number of glow units, and the control of the volume of glow.

The effects include bump map effect, giving an indication of the inversion, visibility, control of the direction of the outflow, control of the depth of the source, type of light,

control of the direction of light by each type, control of the amount of luminance and the light, its position and level of concentration.

The effects also include starburst, giving an aura-like effect to the star explosion, and adding starred stars to it, with control of the brightness, intensity, strength,

number of star and secondary bands and their length, and the range and degree of light rotation.

The lesson also explains min and max filter that controls the upper and lower limits of the lighting, leading to pixel work of the image, and control of pixel values ​​and shape.

Lesson 17 | mirror, cookie cutter and deform effects

Mirror Effect Reflects a side of the video and displays it on the other side, along a specific point, controlling the angle of rotation and position of the reflection center,

with the freedom to select and specify the color of the empty places in the video or leaving it transparent to show the content of the bottom strokes.

The cookie cutter Effect is used to show part of the video and hide other parts.

cookie cutter Effect has multiple shapes such as square, rectangle, arrow and triangle, allowing the addition of repeating these shapes to the horizontal axis or the vertical axis,

creating a frame for these shapes, controlling the frame color and frame size , As well as control the position of the cutter and then move it and record the movement on the timeline.

The deform filter is used to reshape the surface of the image or video.

deform effect  can extend, bend, compress and distort the video surface.

while controlling the value and direction of the distortion in detail for each side and sides of the video.

Each of these filters has preset templates registered in the template list, and can be selected for ready-to-use and fast use,

and new templates can be saved in the list with the required choices as desired by the editor of the video editing and editing.

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  1. Vegas effects
    | pinch punch, Rays, lens flare, starburst

    In these lessons we will complete the Vegas Pro video and audio editing course, Sony Vegas effects, where we will discuss how to add pinch punch effect, wave and swirl effects, rays effect, light spots, and mirrors effects.

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