Sony Vegas pro| 27 : 29 | tracks and track motion

We start from these lessons from the Sony Vegas pro editing course, explaining the tracks, showing their tools and types, explaining track motion, how to add shadow effect, and the glow effect.

tracks and track motion

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Lesson 27 |Tracks

Tracks are divided into two types:

Video Track: Video clips, images, text and artwork are placed.

Audio Track: It is special for audio tracks.

Each track has its own settings and controls, which appear in the track header to the left of the track.

Add Track:

To add a new video track, right-click in a blank location and choose insert video track.

Or by clicking the mouse in the head of the track and we also choose to insert video track.

To add a voice track we follow the same method on the audio track.

Video and audio gestures can also be added by opening the Insert menu and selecting an audio track or video track.

You can also add ctrl + q or ctrl + shift + q.

Track Video:

In Video Track, you can hide and show the gestures. By clicking on mute, the current track is hidden, and clicking solo hides all video gestures except the current track.

The automation tool is used to adjust the movement of the track and its effects and degree of transparency as well as mixing or installation.

From track fx we do the effects and add the filters to the traps.

From track motion we move, scale, rotate, work in the 3D system and add effects to the track.

And bypass motion blur can act as a distraction for movement.

Sub-layers of partnerships can also be created.

From the compositing mode, we mix and install different systems.

At the level we control the degree of transparency of the track and its level of clarity.

God willing, we will show the details of these tools and how they will be used in subsequent lessons.

Track sound:

In the sound track, you can also hide the current track by clicking mute or hiding all the current combinations except by clicking on solo.

From track fx we list the sound effects and sound filters that appear in the window.

From automation we adjust the path effects.

From the vol index we raise and lower the sound.

From the pan pointer, we point the sound to the left or right speaker.

We will look at the details of the soundtrack tools in the acoustic engineering lessons in subsequent lessons.

Lesson 28 | track motion

In this lesson from the Sony Vegas pro editing course, we address Track Motion and explain how to move, scale, rotate and reflect the video track.

a feature that offers the ability to show more than one video in a single screen and easy to format, Art for repeated use in montage works.

To move, scale, and rotate, click on the Track motion tool in the track header, and the Settings window has a timeline to record movement by creating motion keys.

The preview box is available within the Motion Track window and has handles and a circle to move, scale and rotate Track.

The animate key can be copied by double-clicking on the timeline.

moving, scaling and rotation can be recorded accurately using the numeric values ​​in the cells at the left of the window.

From x we move the track horizontally, from Y we move vertically.

from width and wight we zoom in and out.

numeric values ​​can also change Track  rotation values, adjust the position of the center, and determine the key value of the rotation angle.

Lesson 29 | shadow and glow Track 

To add a shadow effect or glow effect to the video track, click on the track motion.

We’ll notice that the timeline is 3 lines:

First line: represents the position of the track, and from it is moving, scaling and rotating the Track.

The second line: represents shadow options, including Blur, Intensity, Color, and Offset.

The third line: represents the glow options.

From the keyframe, we can control the shape of the movement keys when moving the shadow over time. It can directly control the shadow position of the workspace directly and change its size and rotation.

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