Types of photography

There are types of photography, depending on the subject of the photograph (such as photographing the nature or photographing people), the timing of the taking of the photograph (night photography),

the location of the photograph (such as aerial photography and underwater photography) or the technique used in photography (such as macro photography and telescopic photography)

Depending on the speed of the image capture (such as slow motion and motion photography and freezing) or by the purpose of photography

(such as press photography to document events and advertising photography to promote products and services), or according to the technical format of the image (such as panorama photography, shadow photography, solitization and abstract photography).

Types of photography

landscape Photography:

It takes pictures of the aesthetic nature and the sky, sun, moon and clouds, mountains, seas, rivers, trees and flowers, and the time of sunrise and sunset are the best times to inspire photographers and their creations.

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City Life Photography:

This type means the portrayal of people’s lives, lifestyles and customs, and their manifestations in the streets, in schools, in their work and in their occupations.

Wildlife Photography:

A species that focuses on the world of animals, birds, reptiles and insects, and wildlife in general. This type requires special skills for photographers,

including to be aware of the place and objects being photographed and dangerous, and provide the appropriate tools to capture the appropriate moments required.


Portraits Photography:

This type is concerned with photographing people, children, young people and elders, and portraying faces and expressions.

Portraits Photography

Underwater Photography:

It is the type of underwater photography that is used to depict marine and aquatic plants under the sea and oceans, and requires special cameras to protect them from water.

 Night photography:

This type of photography focuses on photography at night, requires special settings in the camera, and the ideal time for photography is after sunset in minutes, before sunrise,

and often does not use the flash light in photography, as this requires mostly provide a holder to install the camera To prevent vibration.

movement photography

Macro photography:

This type requires special cameras that have the ability to magnify the image by multiplying its original size to show details. This type is used to photograph the details of small objects, as well as those that are not visible to the naked eye.
Abstract photography: This type of photography photographer takes pictures in a way that raises questions in the mind of the recipient, and opens the way for the mind to imagine and try to interpret the picture.

Press photography:

Is a photography that aims to document events, provide material for publication with the press article, and focus heavily on filming the event as it occurs, taking pictures that tell the story,

and those that answer as much as possible to the six famous press questions, what happened? Where? From the parties to the event, how it happened, and why?

الصور الفائزة بجائزة الصحافة العالمية لعام 2016


Sports Photography:

Sports photography is a form of journalistic photography, focusing on documenting and publishing the event, but sports photography has been classified as an independent type

because it requires capturing a fast-moving snapshot, requiring a camera with zoom or zoom tools, adjusting camera settings to freeze motion and taking multiple images to choose from Among them.

sports photography

Advertising Photography:

Is a specialized brand in commercializing commercials for products and services, and often the product is filmed inside a studio and under custom lighting and backgrounds.


Aerial Photography:

Is the type that depends on the capture of the image from a very high place, such as photography by conventional aircraft, or aircraft controlled by remote control, and the images are usually wide and consisting of large geographical areas.

Architectural Photography:

Is a photography that takes care to capture aesthetic features in buildings and architectural monuments, and show aspects of creativity in design, from inside and outside the building.


Is a wide-angle, multi-angle image of the scene where the camera is rotated to capture the scene from its various sides around the camera, and then a single image is taken out of the scene.

This is done automatically within certain types of cameras and can be installed manually using photo editing software .


Photography of shadows (Salweet):

In which the objects are photographed in the form of a black shadow without showing its features, with the appearance of the background color and clear in its natural form,

and this requires a light source behind the body to be shown in the form of shadow or cellulite when taking the camera to the image.

Photography with lighting:

Light Painting is a form of motion photography in which the length of the image is taken for a few seconds or minutes, and it uses one or more scouts to draw the movement with lighting

 Light Painting


Photography Painting in shades:

Is a new type of creative painting by the formation of shadows, created by a Japanese artist called “Kumi Yamashita” using figures and leaves

Photography Painting in shades

Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR):

High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) is a technique that integrates a group of images that have been exposed to light differently. The result of the final image is characterized by a distinct failure and different from normal digital photography.


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